senior ball


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we are going to college


released June 14, 2013

cam horvath: guitar, bass, vocals, lyrics
zach hallenbeck: drums, vocals

special thanks to joey diven for vocals on "i've been..."

this is dedicated to kenny, sawyer, dyl, greg, bren, dan, bliz, henry, grace, paige, jon, maggie, sarah, hooker, and anyone who put either of us down as their secret crush in the senior lampion.



all rights reserved


Cam Horvath Rochester, New York

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Track Name: this isn't a game but if it was i would have lost
i run the words “kiss me” in my head continuously
i don’t know why +
i never say them out loud

only to no one - to fashioned images or likenesses
of what you might look like if everything had worked out

this is a game:
pick well and early or suffer the consequences of indecision
for the rest of your four more years

home stretch and i’m walking
sort of by choice

used to be on purpose but in hindsight i picked poorly

the biggest problem with everything
is that it’s all hypothetical and while it’s safer it’s also not
because that one cliche said so

i don’t know if i could fall in love with anyone
and i know that that’s ambiguous

kiss me
Track Name: one of the roads was closed
let me breathe
i'm far enough away to be safe

sometimes i wish i died last weekend
but i’ll find a way to be okay with it
i think

nothing is constant but it has to be this way
time is frustrating but only if you pay

and i think i am forever
but i still can’t get far enough

distance has its benefits and it doesn’t matter
which road you take and one of the roads
was closed

it was paved over my childhood and now i drive it
every day getting anywhere
getting far enough away
Track Name: insect beds
kiss me / let me fall asleep with you
make me dream to castevet / save the stars for later
air / sweet things / nightgazing
nothing is solid
i have to remind myself / it will never happen
every daydream / lucid
lie on the cold hard ground with me
sweet dreams

room and board / a matter of persuasion
sprinkled skies / the world through trite eyes
night / falling gradually / rather, submerging
liquid skin
i have to remind myself
chopin’s scherzo no. 2 / crackling
leaves sleep / insect beds
miss me
Track Name: what i didn't write in your yearbook
you are the reason i’m alive
i couldn’t stand to see you
at my funeral without at least
one last goodbye
(one i never wrote)

back in october i made
the biggest mistake of my life
but you’re happy now
so sometimes i wonder
if it was a mistake at all

you are the most important
person on the planet to me
even though we never
hang out anymore

when we first met i seriously thought
you were an angel
now i don’t believe in angels

and though i want so desperately
to be with you always
i know it is better if we part
i will only hold you back
Track Name: i've been nostalgic for 2+ years
i hope i’m late tomorrow
i hope i forget to set my alarm
and sleep thru everything

i hope i forget to stay calm
stay reserved and keep myself
to myself

i want to write
to all my friends before we go away
but i don’t know if i can

i can’t express memories
in words or in anything other than
old recordings from when we were young

imagery has failed me
i can’t show you what i feel
or why i can’t breathe

“stay awake, i want to see you
one last time before i fall asleep”
Track Name: walking around a sad amusement park
i wonder if this sense
of finality / conclusion
is false; i have to think
this in order to leave

my dad sees his friends
three times a year or so
and i never want to be
like that

i don’t know how everyone
looks with joyful anticipation
to the future; i tend to think
the best is over or will be soon

and every step forward
is coupled with a crisis;
i never want to be like that;
i need to do this all again

maybe i will do this all again
i’m not ready for this to be over